rue des Capucines

As part of the renovation of a 1960’s building, the challenge was to promote a heritage that had no street entry.
The strategy is to graft the opening to regain the basement of the building. Recovering “net areas” once for the archives allowed this great plan of re-qualification. To compensate for the “address without front” of the building a contemporary passage was created in the heart of the tertiary building. This is one of the elements of a scenario in which four sequences of a story line are brought to light by means of the paving, together constituting a platform that seems to float in a glass frame on two levels.
Facades SSG plunge into the depths. Like a duplex that we enter from the top, the old basement archives become living spaces bathed in natural light. The lobby, cleared from all columns, has its loads diffused on a “sculptural wall” plays with cinemographic effecst. The work of reconquering is accompanied by the highlighting of the buildings forties facades. The elegance of the architecture of this period is well emphasized by large pivoting window frames equipped with today’s technology.

  • Program : Restructuring of office building .
  • Location : 14 rue des Capucines et 5-7 rue Volney, 75002.
  • Calendar : delivery 2004.
  • Client : Gecina.
  • Cost : 23 M € h.t.
  • Surface : 11 760 m2.
  • Section(s) : Offices, Renewing.
  • Phase : Delivered.
  • Distinction : Grand prix SIMI 2005 - bâtiment rénové.