Close to the Saint-Germain castle and located within the town Safeguarding Plan, the modern multimedia centre strives
to establish a dialog with its surroundings. The location in a heritage district and on a confined plot left fairly little leeway, but just enough, for an uncompromising project. Inserted in an environment of town house typologies, the multimedia centre draws its qualities from the surrounding parcel-type and urban fabric. The building refuses to become a monolith and plays on the duality of two dissymmetrical units separated by a glass fault. Like two pavilions, the construction embodies at once serenity and liberty, allowing glances to roam through the animated transparent openings. Designed to evoke a tea box, the building revisits the idea of the roof by employing slate louvers.
These long lines crowning the building filter the sun light but also unify the centre’s two units, one of which incorporates an 18th century façade, without however yielding to “façadism.” Inside, the layout does not give in to oversimplification. Large open platforms ensure the flexibility necessary to this kind of facility.

  • Program : Multimedia centre, Laying out interior and exterior spaces .
  • Location : 3-9 rue Henri IV 78100, Saint-Germain-en-Laye.
  • Calendar : delivery 2005.
  • Client : Ville de St-Germain-en-Laye.
  • Cost : 4 M € h.t.
  • Surface : 2 468 m² .
  • HEQ : HEQ® procedures (High Environmental Quality).
  • Section(s) : Facilities, Renewing.
  • Phase : Delivered.