Quartier de l’Europe

Based on the research of a new urban through a reorganization of the
urban network and restructuring of public space, the project highlights
the different ways of living in a dense volume of both compact and sleek.
The units are designed in precise, proportional, and varied forms,
while seeking to register communal living ways of life. The project
is based on the fundamental principle of producing and designing highquality
housing that differs from usual social connotations
In order to be contextualizing with the neighbourhood, simple
volumes are cut into strips following a plot “found” from a city or from
suburban housing of one of the main suburbs of Paris.
The whole concept of the project aims to create a set of buildings
and landscaping that evokes a poetic and cognitive suburban plot
division using the principle of houses on a gardened landscaped plot.

  • Program : Building of 49 units of social housing, community and retail area .
  • Location : Quartier de l’Europe, îlot A1, Colombes, 92700.
  • Calendar : 2012 Award.
  • Client : Immobilière 3F.
  • Cost : 5,5 M €
  • Surface : 4 087 m2.
  • HEQ : CERQUAL certification H&E procedures Rt 2012.
  • Section(s) : housing.
  • Phase : Delivered.