Lycée Jean-Perrin

At the heart of a residential and collective urban landscape, the Lycée Jean-Perrin is a restructuring-demolition-rebuilding project.
At the core of the project is the construction of a link between two existing buildings, to make a single, identifiable building. This link is to be made by an indoor passageway over two levels to accommodate the downward slope of the grounds. Through its contemporary design, the inner passageway will act as a hub for the school. Five teaching and activities areas, opening out onto the outside, will line it on both sides. The meshed roof exterior, which incorporates a number of elements made from retified wood, covers the entire inner passageway and activities areas. The shimmering play of light and colour brings to mind a design for a modern

  • Program : High school 820 places
    Renovation and enlargement
    Creation of a link building .
  • Location : Saint-Cyr L'École, 78.
  • Calendar : delivery 2013.
  • Client : Région Île-de-France.
  • Cost : 20 M € h.t.
  • Surface : 17 350 m2 net floor area.
  • HEQ : HEQ® procedures (High Environmental Quality).
  • Section(s) : Education, Renewing.
  • Phase : Delivered.