Les Jardins de Présov

The brief included a large number of flats big enough to accommodate large families. The brief’s specific requirement led us to work out typologies and grouping systems, in order to provide a global project as highly habitable as possible.
By complying with the area’s technical specifications and contract procedures, the project is designed to fit in with a global project including other plots to be built. The different types of dwellings combine themselves to form simple volumes, thus preserving ground for exit ways, open views as well as diagonals deriving from the urban framework specific to the site. Mindful of the context, including the sun’s course,
the project illustrates a contemporary approach in line with the aims and processes of sustainable development. The orientation and openings
of the flats as well as the structure of exterior walls were also designed to fulfil the requirements of climatic comfort.

  • Program : 134 social housing .
  • Location : La Courneuve rues Renoir, des Clos, Paul Langevin et Maurice Fontenay , 93 .
  • Calendar : Delivery 2011.
  • Client : Office Public de l'Habitat de Seine-Saint-Denis.
  • Cost : 15 M €
  • Surface : 12 500 m2 Net Floor Area.
  • HEQ : H&E procedures (Housing and Environmental Quality) – A Certification Qualitel HPE 2005.
  • Section(s) : housing.