The Lasserre project represents a fine example of generational diversity in a single environment – the aim is to build a 131 bed retirement home and 43 rented apartments on the same site. The project deliberately reversed the initial layout: senior citizens are to live roadside, and housing is to be built at the back, garden side. In this layout everybody is a winner: the senior citizens will be able to observe the bustle of the city, even though most of them are unable to go out and join in; residents will enjoy a calmer environment, for the most part, opening out onto the inner gardens and receiving plenty of sunshine.
Built on a restricted parcel, the project is deliberately compact and monolithic. While the different types of housing are not distinguished by different buildings, subtle differences in facade design mark out their different purposes. All the outer facades are dressed with pierre de Vals. An inner garden which crosses the project from north to south unites the various types of accommodation on site, from the main entrance to the Retirement home on the road to the housing; its design is unified and in single style. The hall, which cuts across the project, preserves continuity with the garden.
The inner functional layout is very simple and deliberately centred around a single naturally-lit stairwell (with lifts) onto the garden. Residents’ rooms, which are designed to be homes in themselves, come complete with large bay windows overlooking the road or the garden.
In the architectural continuity of housing towards the retirement
home, and vice-versa, there is a sort of manifesto: to favour the relaxed environments which make up the progressive stages of a healthy ageing process.

  • Program : Retirement home for 131 beds of which 43 beds for Alzheimer’s disease
    41 rented housings
    75 parkings .
  • Location : ZAC Corentin-Celton, Issy-les-moulineaux, 92130.
  • Calendar : delivery 2008.
  • Client : SEMADS.
  • Cost : 18 M € h. t. dont 13.4 M € h.t. EHPAD
  • Surface : 10 900 m² including: retirement home: 7 500 m² housing: 3 400 m².
  • Section(s) : retirement home, housing, specific housing.