Impasse Barrier

The new building was be built on the site of an old town woodworks, which used to be found at the end of Barrier Alley. Special care will be taken to protect the site’s future. Indeed the demolished building was on land located to the right, but also at the end of the alley. To free up sightlines beyond the alley, the land set aside for the project at the end of the alley was not built upon, but handed back to the town. The entire project was restricted to the right-hand parcel.
The urban space was simplified as the constructions went up. Thanks to two neatly designed interior gardens, and the long line of the façade therefore having a clear view onto the road, the different programmes (day care centre, accommodation), are all double-oriented, facing out onto both sides of the building.
A standardisation for the façades’ framework has allowed for the provision of retified woodwork and wooden panels which stand out on a vertical line for all facades. The ground floor façades, too, enjoy a horizontal wooden dressing, disposed much more freely; there is certainly a fleeting reference to the old town woodworks, which lives on in the memories of some.

  • Program : 13 social housing and drop-in childcare centre .
  • Calendar : delivery 2008.
  • Client : SIEMP - DFPE - Ville de Paris.
  • Cost : 2.3 M€ h.t.
  • Surface : 1 250 m² Drop-in childcare centre: 240 m² Housing : 1010 m².
  • HEQ : H&E procedures - Profil D (High Quality Environment) Certification Qualitel HPE 2000.
  • Section(s) : housing, Facilities.