EHPAD Paul Brousse

A major focus has guided all the thinking for the design of building: offering residents a human presence strengthened through greater availability of nursing staff accompanying them in a humanized environment. In order to the facility to operate successfully and that
the nursing staff find the place efficient to work, service spaces are
spread over the main circulation.
Housing units are grouped two by two around a core consisting
of vertical stairs and lifts offering views of the mail and the interior gardens.
The project also sought to provide a framework that takes life as the scale of the existing parcel of Villejuif. The volumes are intentionally simple to use those surrounding suburban fabric. A network of streets and access, extending existing paths, is introduced to open up the site. The orientation of residents and visitors from outside and inside the building was a challenge for the success of the operation.

  • Program : Building of a retirement home of 160 rooms : 24 rooms for Alzheimer patients and 10 rooms for daily treatment .
  • Location : site de l’Hôpital Paul Brousse, Villejuif, 94800.
  • Calendar : delivery 2014.
  • Client : France Habitation - ARPAD.
  • Cost : 19.9 M € h. t.
  • Surface : 9 200 m² Net Floor Area.
  • HEQ : HEQ® procedures (High Environmental Quality).
  • Section(s) : retirement home, specific housing.
  • Phase : Delivered.