With its land subtracted from abandoned railway and roadway properties located next to the Gare du Nord railway tracks in Paris, the site represented by the Allure project clearly marks the long-term specificity of the setting.
The barely 15 m wide strip stretches out over a length of approximately 150 m. The project takes advantage of this specificity to offer a services sector building that is particularly generous in terms of interior layout while also providing efficient flexibility.
A sequence formed by four buildings organises the 150 m long facade by offering a diversity of alignments and offsets provided by balconies and planted terraces and offering a pleasant view for the existing housing units.
The gaps crossing through the buildings organise the various office levels, freeing them from having to provide support functions and contributing to ensuring the organizational simplicity of the property complex. “Free” containers placed on the planted terraces diffract the longitudinal vision and offer visual openings giving onto the Paris sky.

  • Program : Office building .
  • Location : rue Gaston Tessier, secteur Eole-Evangile, Paris 19.
  • Calendar : 2011 award.
  • Sponsor : SODEARIF.
  • Cost : 18 M € ht
  • Surface : 11 300 m² Net Floor Area.
  • HEQ : NF office building - HEQ® procedures (High Environmental Quality) Certivea certification Breeam certification RT 2005.
  • Section(s) : Offices.