Domaine de Charaintru

The project, located in close proximity to the town, enjoys a strategic position. The establishment feeds off this closeness which contributes to a higher standard of living for residents and personnel. That is why it was decided to take the existing parcel plan project in Savigny-sur-Orge as a blueprint – to build an environment on a human scale where residents could be housed individually. It is as much an urban as a social project. The old demolished building will become a leafy esplanade, which residents can walk along, and around which lodges are spread in groups of two or three, thus making up the “village homes”. The reception building, placed at its centre, will link up the two villages on either side.
The building project’s unique nature – a demolition on a built-up site – led us to opt for buildings with wooden framing, more respectful to the environment.

  • Program : Retirement home for 100 bedrooms of which 24 beds for Alzheimer’s disease and 10 places for day placement Restructuring - enlargement .
  • Location : EHPAD Le Domaine de Charaintru, 3 avenue de l’Armée Leclerc, Savigny-sur-Orge, 91600.
  • Calendar : Delivery 2012.
  • Client : EHPAD le Domaine de Charaintru.
  • Cost : 14.4 M€ h.t.
  • Surface : 7 300 m² Net Floor Area.
  • HEQ : HEQ® procedures (High Environmental Quality).
  • Section(s) : retirement home, specific housing.