Docks de Saint-Ouen

The first volume whose mass effect refers to the archetypal monolith offers repeated openings, which sometimes fade to animate the façade. In this volume, façade “events” linked each one to a specific program element (lobby, elevator landing, and fire escape stairs) are created. These façade sequences, corresponding mainly to volume subtraction operations as well as vertical circulation ripples, are embellished by a metal mesh supporting climbing plants.
A second volume crowns the first. Based on a rectangular plan,
it aligns on two of its faces. The other two, diagonal setbacks propose triangular terraces. This dissociation of the building as two volumes brings the project to more gentle and harmonious overall proportions; avoiding an imposing global look. Created terraces allow their ownership and use of outdoor spaces promoting views towards the Seine on one
side and the future park on the other. The existing site contains the former sub-prefecture, a car park and a hidden-away lane whose route will be adapted and enlarged to become a pedestrianised street structuring the urban project. Two plots with completely different morphologies will be located to either side of this new route, giving it form as it leads through the town centre.

  • Program : office building .
  • Location : ZAC des Docks de Saint-Ouen, Lot D3a - îlot 1 rue Ardouin 75019 Paris.
  • Calendar : 2011 award.
  • Client : SODEARIF.
  • Cost : 10,6 M € ht
  • Surface : 6 330 m² shon.
  • HEQ : NF office building HEQ® procedures (High Environmental Quality) Certivea certification RT 2012 (10%).
  • Section(s) : Offices.