Capital 8

The project focuses on the façade issues. The building had ungainly façades, disliked by the neighbours. After the removal of asbestos from this 60s-70s structure, the challenge was to remodel the boring view it presented, including the southern façade stretching over more than 100m. The new façade concept establishes a different relationship with the neighbourhood. Because pulling down the upper levels was unthinkable, the strategy’s intention was to restore suitable proportions by creating tensions in this bar-like shape and by dematerializing the last two stories. Thus the façade’s rhythm changed from 1.5 m to 3–6 m. Thanks to the ensuing play of geometry and readjustment of the façade module, a new scale appeared. In the new lightened façade, there are no window breasts; but, carefully designed and highly technical, it incorporates the air-treatment devices. Shifting 70 cm towards the inside, it creates breathing space for the neighbourhood. As for the effect of dematerializing the last two stories, it is achieved thanks to glass louvers that visually vibrate at daytime and have the elegance of disappearing at night, although the entire façade is delicately illuminated by Leds.

  • Program : Extensive restructuring of the former – EDF headquarters, – Structural modifications, – Upgrading to the technical and legal standards .
  • Location : rue Murat-rue Monceau-rue Lancereaux-rue Messine, Paris 8.
  • Calendar : delivery 2005.
  • Client : Unibail Developement.
  • Cost : 114.3 M € h.t.
  • Surface : 73 330 m² .
  • HEQ : HEQ® procedures (High Environmental Quality).
  • Section(s) : Offices, Renewing.
  • Phase : Delivered.
  • Distinction : Grand prix SIMI 2005 innovation technique.