The home, the centre of family life, constitutes the basis for this project and is the foundation for the operation’s overall architectural style, through juxtaposition, stacking, direction …
The floor plan is organised around the rooms’ orientation, on
perspectives and views … The apartments are double-oriented. The placing of landings/stairs/lifts is crucial for an optimal distribution of the living areas and to provide the necessary qualities for communal space. Located in a very sunny region, the project is committed to substantially lowering energy expenses and limiting the need for cooling systems. Thus, the concrete walls are covered with wooden panels of varying width. They provide effective protection against the sun and their shadows ensure the homes are naturally cooler.

  • Program : 53 rented social housings and 305 m² retail stores
    45 parkings .
  • Location : ZAC Borderouge, Toulouse, 31.
  • Calendar : delivery 2013.
  • Client : SNI Nouveau Logis Méridional.
  • Cost : 4,9 M € h. t.
  • Surface : 4 750 m² Net Floor Area.
  • HEQ : H&E procedures (Housing and Environmental Quality).
  • Section(s) : housing.