Site Michelin

Between Avenue and a urban block core, in the center of Paris, the project introduces itself delicately in continuation of a remarkably landscaped garden.
In respect and the development of this green continuity, on the side of villa, the housing is developed in the scale of the surrounding urban fabric, as a ribbon which decreases in successive stages to the south, providing inhabitants of large terraces and views. The general uprising of the building on the ground floor, which is accompanied by the establishment of pilotis, allows passing views and clarifies the entrances to the various halls.
The double exposed housing units benefits from unobstructuve views over the landscape and optimal sun exposure. Balconies accentuate the delicate line of the winding of the building and provide an outdoor space for all apartments.
The office building currently set back from the road is promoted by the insertion of a new volume to align it with a frame more symmetrical and landscaped. Its contemporary esthetic is accompanied by landscaped facades that are both bioclimatic and pleasing.

  • Program : Extensive restructuring of office building, 74 Rental housing and 41 rental social housing .
  • Location : Paris, 75007.
  • Sponsor : private.
  • Cost : 33M€
  • Surface : 22 000m² Net floor Area.
  • HEQ : NF office building HEQ® procedures (High Environmental Quality) BBC-EFFINERGIE RT 2012.
  • Section(s) : Offices, housing, Renewing.